Essay Writing

Essay Writing – 1

Inside a T-school there will always be many interest based associations like committees and clubs. Were you a part during the last three years?

If yes, why did you choose to be a part of the same? What do you think are there any merits of being a part of such associations?

Essay Writing – 2

Put yourself in the circumstance in which you failed to meet client expectations despite putting in your best. The client whom you worked for is a first time and the success of this project would open doors for us to a long-term association. Now, you are not in a state to accept the feedback. How would you react to the feedback? One choice is to make use of the feedback that you need to give on the client.

Essay Writing – 3

Reducing stress provides health benefits and increases individual productivity at work. What is your mechanism to reduce stress?

Essay Writing – 4

Mention a situation when you were able to successfully persuade your team members to perceive things your way. How did you go about that?

Essay Writing – 5

In current times, knowledge can be acquired in different ways. Fee of them are: reading, conversing attending seminars, taking part in workshops, actively listening to experts etc. What are your preferred ways to acquire knowledge? Why do you prefer these out of many others?

Essay Writing – 6

Sometimes, our fellow students/colleagues do inspire us in creating a life habit that can be reading, excercising, reflecting on learnings,news consumption, etc, Have you ever had such an inspiration who led to instilling one life habit? What was the habit? How did you practice to instill the habit in your daily life?

Essay Writing – 7

Before Joining an organization, we hear a lot about thinking that we are going to undergo. What is your general overview of training and what would be the top three things that you would expect from Cognizant’s Training?


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