Experience 4

I had to wait for 10 mins in the panel..after joining…then they asked me to show my govt id on camera….

1. Introduce yourself to the panelists.
(Be aware of what you are mentioning in your interest, because your whole interview will be based on that)

2. What is Android?What is application? Use of Android Manifest file ? Difference between Android and iOS? Android SDK …30 mins focused only on Android.
I guess there were some Android developer in the panelists… because i also mentioned about other projects…they totally ignored it…

3. Do u know C?
I said yes

4. What is friend function? How is it used? What is the profit of using it?
I could not answer

5. What is call by value and call by reference in C?
I explained.

6. Difference between Cpp and Java
I focused on multiple inheretence .

7. Difference between abstract class and interface. Uses of abstract class, abstract function.

I couldn’t properly answer.

8. What is final function, final class, what are its uses.
I only describe the final keyword. And couldn’t answer the rest.

9. What are the different access modifiers in java?
Why a class can be made private?
Can we write
static public void main?

I answered.

10. MR jumped in between.
What do you think about fact that women should do night shifts?
If you are given a situation where your boss assigned you a role which you are not capable of and you hate that work and also you do not have any career hike..what will you do?
If you get an opportunity in Google, Microsoft, will you leave TCS?

I answered.

11. What are you strength and hobbies?

12. What is JDBC and explain the language of OS? Do you know SQL?
I couldn’t answer.

13. Define the different exception handling in java.
Then she gave me some situations and asked me if there would be any exceptions or not.


14. Are you willing to relocate?
If you are given an opportunity to work in a team or by yourself which one will you choose?

15. A lot of abstract questions were asked again.I don’t remember all.

16. Describe yourself in 3 words.
What is the last thing you learned in lockdown?
Don’t you think you should have spent more time in developing new things?

Share your screen
Show documents
Best of luck for your results!
Despite telling that I have major interest in coding, they didn’t ask a single question related to coding, also they did not ask me to explain CodeVita questions.

Top Experience

I am Satyaki Das and Now I am going to share you my experience in TCS Codevita Interview process in details. My rank was 848 and they interviewed me for sharp 50mins.

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