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Hi I am Satyaki Das and Now I am going to share you my experience in TCS Codevita Interview process in details.
My rank was 848 and they interviewed me for sharp 50minsAs I am from Kolkata, I participated TCS Codevita Zone 2 round on 15th August. I started 3am of 16th August and finished 9am. There are six questions. I solved 2 of them.
One in Python and another in C.

3rd September result declared. I checked the mail and from the link there I got my rank.

10th September they mailed me. It was written there,
Congratulations! We are happy to inform you that you have been shortlisted for a Pre-Placement Interview with Tata Consultancy Services Limited basis your splendid performance in CodeVita – 2020. Given the ongoing pandemic situation due to COVID-19, we would conduct your interview process in a virtual mode, wherein you would be able to take your interview process from the comfort of your home.

I was scheduled 11th September for interview they also sent me a Microsoft Team joining link for this on 11th September morning.

But unfortunately, I waited that day long but they did not call me that day.
Then again on 15th September they rescheduled my interview.

On 15th September at 12:40 the interviewer called me and asked me to join.
The interview process started at least.

Firstly, I want to say, there were 3interviewers 1 HR and 2 technical interviewers.
HR mam: I have gone through your CV, tell me anything that is not in your CV.
I told about my project, chatbot, automation YouTube using voice.
Technical interviewer asked me about the procedure of my project.

HR mam asked me to show any Govt ID and took the screenshot.
Next question was why I want to join TCS?
I replied I heard that in TCS for the employer it is easier than the others to balance between work and life. They smiled and explained their working schedule in TCS. This interaction was remarkable throughout the interview that helped me to maintain a cool environment.

Technical interviewer asked me my rank I replied 848 and asked me to explain the code line by line that I solved in TCS codevita.
I told them I participated in Google Coding Competition many times and also cleared round there then the other technical interviewer asked me to solve a problem.
The problem was like this.
There is a sentence. From there I have to print those word that have less than 2 small a or capital A.
I took 5mins to solve in notepad. Then I had to explain line by line every variable every iteration every printing statement even if input process and string terminating concept.
I approached to solve in Python because in python it requires mostly 6lines. But they told me you cannot use any predefined method or functions.

So, I solved in C, you can also choose C++.

The technical mam asked me, which will you prefer Python or C?
I said, Python is easier to write so, for a project I will choose Python but for coding competition or any case where time complexity and space complexity matters, I will choose C 100% sure.
They agreed with my answer.

Then they asked me do you know any object-oriented programming? I said, C++ and Python. But they skipped questioning.

Then they asked me on DBMS.
Which portion you prefer in DBMS?
I replied SQL, Normalization and so on.

Asked me about normalization. I replied whatever I know. Whenever I asked on my strong zone, I tried fully to take the control to myself.

then DML, DDL, Delete vs truncate.
Where we can use rollback in delete or in rollback?
which you prefer delete or truncate?
many questions like this.

then she gave me two tables regarding student marks no reference key there.
and asked me to find out 5th highest marks getting student details using nested query and also using Join. yes I repeating using join.

I solved 2 queries.
Then HR mam asked me again Why you want to join in TCS? She smiled and said yeah you told that. Yeah.

Ok, then tell me your academic marks from Madhyamik to Masters this order.
Though it is written in CV they just verified it.

At the end they told me take care and be safe in the time of pandemic and I also replied same to you and also have a good day Sir and Madam.
Thank you.

This was my interview Experience. I expected many questions on object-oriented Programming concept, class, object, inheritance, polymorphism and also abstraction, encapsulation and also in machine learning algorithms and also can ask my strength and weakness. But they probably they forgot to ask. 😅

That was my comfort on that day.

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