Interview Experience

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I am Satyaki Das and Now I am going to share you my experience in TCS Codevita Interview process in details. My rank was 848 and they interviewed me for sharp 50mins.

Interview Experience

Ranked 1300+

I got a mail for direct interview just 2 days before the interview. Interview is being conducted on their own Video Conferencing platform which is a little slow, so I advise all of you to join the meeting 15-20 minutes in advance. And make sure you have a very good internet connection.

Ranked 2000+

I am a Master Student now pursuing MCA from Techno Main Salt Lake. I ranked 2000+. I have a little bit knowledge in Python, Java. I focused on mainly C, C++, DBMS. I will go to share my own experience.

Ranked 2900+

Today I am going to share my experience in the interview process of TCS CodeVita 2020 dated on 13th September.

Ranked 4000+

My rank was in between 4000-4100. I got my interview call on 14th September, 2020. I faced a lengthy interview process. 

Ranked 4400+

They asked me almost everything 😅😅, and it took near about 1hr. It was scheduled on 15th September, 2020. I received mail 1 day before.

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