Experience 1

Guys, I’ve just completed my TCS interview through Codevita. And I’m here sharing my experience.

First of all,  I’m from Premium College. So I didn’t have to go through any document verification, I got a mail for direct interview just 2 days before the interview.

Interview is being conducted on their own Video Conferencing platform which is a little slow, so I advise all of you to join the meeting 15-20 minutes in advance. And make sure you have a very good internet connection.

Basically The interviewers are in too hurry. So the impact you make weather a good or bad, doesn’t take much time. So make sure you are confident and straight forward with what you answer.

NOTE: They Already had my resume and didn’t ask during interview which I guess they took from nextstep portal.

There are 3 guys in a same panel (I guess TR+HR+MR).

1) Tell me about yourself?
A) Main Points I told are,

-> I was a love failure which helped me to learn a lot of things and from then I’m a big Learn of Mistakes

-> My educational Details

-> Family Background ( I told I’m from agricultural family and that taught me how to work in challenging environment.

-> Skills

-> Hobbies

-> Goals

Interviewer: Nice Intro

2) Explain OOPS Concept?
A) I explained, but stumbled in the middle. I was able to manage.

3) An Amazon delivery guy is given an empty form, what are the fields that are required to fill such that he can deliver efficiently?
A) I elaborated on Name, Item, Customer Details
Me: Do we need anything else?
Interviewer: That’s sufficient.

4) Since you’re from agricultural background, what’s important aspect in agriculture?
A) I answered a few of them.

5) How many seasons are there in agriculture?
A) I said 2, one starts in June and another in November.

6) Whom do you pick as an inspiration from Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos?
A) I said I need mixed qualities from both of them.

7) Since you’ve done non technical internships, explain about those?
A) Explained

8) Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
A) I said “I see myself in your position and you in your boss’s position😂

9) Do you have any questions for us?
A) I asked few and they said all the best.

*They didn’t ask about my projects even if they are good.

*They didn’t ask OS/DBMS/CN or anything technical I mentioned in my resume.

*More importantly they didn’t ask the codes that I solved in Codevita 😂

Top Experience

I am Satyaki Das and Now I am going to share you my experience in TCS Codevita Interview process in details. My rank was 848 and they interviewed me for sharp 50mins.

Interview Experience

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