Month: November 2020

Ameex Off-Campus 2020

Ameex Off Campus Job 2020 Job Role: Associate Software Engineer Job Location:Perungudi, Chennai Job Description:Associate Software Engineer at Ameex Technologies will focus on tactical development and implementation. Must have the ability to incorporate software development best practices. To Support senior members of the Project team in technical challenges outside the Scope of Work. Must be …

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Mostly Asked Project Questions on PHP 1. What is your project topic?Ans. Tell your Project Topic in brief in two or three lines. 2. Why your project is unique from others?Ans. It is a very common question in most of the interviews. Mind it, the interviewer is focusing on listening to some different features that …

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Multiple Choice Questions on 8086 Microprocessor

1. A microprocessor is a ____________ chip integrating all the functions of a CPU of a computer.A. multiple B. single C. double D. tripleANSWER: B 2. Microprocessor is a/an ____________ circuit that functions as the CPU of the computeA. electronic B. mechanic C. integrating D. processingANSWER: A 3. Microprocessor is the ____________ of the computer …

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DeltaX Campus Hiring 2020

DeltaX is the pioneering cross-channel digital advertising platform. The company helps ad agencies and performance marketers buy, track, attribute, optimize and report media across Search, Social, Display, Mobile and Video ads more efficiently by taking a unified data and automation driven approach. What is our process for campus hiring? Round 1: Technical onlineMCQ Test (covering Programming, …

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SQL Syntax

SQL is followed by unique set of rules and guidelines called Syntax. This tutorial gives you a quick start with SQL by listing all the basic SQL Syntax: All the SQL statements start with any of the keywords like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, ALTER, DROP, CREATE, USE, SHOW and all the statements end with a …

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Java Interview Questions

What is Encapsulation?Answer Encapsulation provides objects with the ability to hide their internal characteristics and behavior. Each object provides a numberof methods, which can be accessed by other objects and change its internal data. In Java, there are three access modifiers: public, private and protected. Each modifier imposes different access rights to other classes, either in …

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Wipro NLTH Previous Year Question Paper

Wipro is a largest software company based on India. Wipro placement papers of aptitude and technical interview questions and answers. It is a previous year placement paper for students reference. Meanwhile consider this paper as a sample or model of placement paper. Find Solved Placement Papers of Wipro technologies. Questions have been compiled across different …

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