Accenture Interview Experience | Part 1

I was called for an interview after I got a mail from them that I passed the previous rounds and an interview was scheduled to me on DD.MM.YYYY at 12 noon.

They have asked a few questions out of which I have enlisted a few below :

1.Introduce Yourself

I’m XYZ. I am pursuing my final year in computer science engineering at XYZ engineering college. I maintain a C. G. P of 8. 9 percent. I  completed my schooling in XYZ with 95 percent in 12th and 93 in  10th. I always believe in hard work and I go with the words of  Edison, “genius is just one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”, I’m very dedicated to my work, I can adapt easily to any kind of environment and that’s where my strengths stand.

I like to be creative; My hobbies are Listening to Music, Playing Cricket.

My short-term goal is to join a Software company as a programmer.  My long-term goal is to become a project lead within 5 years. Also, add details about your family.

2. Tell me about your projects

I have worked on projects like Attendance Marking Software using Machine Learning and a Shopping website prototype 

3. Which technology you used in your project and why

For my Attendance Recording Software, I have used mainly Machine Learning using Python and for the website, ReactJS and NodeJs are the framework I have used the most.

4. How you planned that you have to make this projects.

First of all I thought of projects that will be useful to for Schools, colleges, or universities.
Keeping that in mind I came up with an idea of making an attendance recording Software because during class hours most of the time is taken up while taking the attendance of the class.
This is how I came up with the idea of making this project. It took a lot of time but it was worth investing.

5. Which subject you dislike the most in btech and why and how you prepared for that example

Mechanical Workshop was one of my subjects in my second semester. It has a lot of things to memorize and study. I mugged up all the things and and managed to get a good marks in that subject

6. Did you face any difficulty in your projects

There were a lot of ups and downs during the development phase of the projects especially during the training process and collecting data sets, but it was nothing too hard for me to handle.

7. Unsuccessful moment in your life.

One of the hardest things in life is to know when to keep going and when to move on.

On the one hand, perseverance and grit are key to achieving success in any field. Anyone who masters their craft will face moments of doubt and somehow find the inner resolve to keep going. If you want to build a successful business or create a great marriage or learn a new skill then “sticking with it” is perhaps the most critical trait to possess.

Life requires both strategies. Sometimes you need to display unwavering confidence and double down on your efforts. Sometimes you need to abandon the things that aren’t working and try something new. 

8. What kind of feedback gives you positivity

Positive feedback is a form of evaluation that focuses on an employee’s strengths, talents and accomplishments. When you provide positive feedback, you are telling your team members what they’re doing correctly and should continue to do.
For me during the meeting time, when some of my ideas and insights seem to benefit my team and the company and my co-workers or higher-ups come and tell me about it. It fills me with a lot of positivity.

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