Accenture Interview Experience | Part 2

I was called for an interview after I got a mail from the recruitment board that I passed the previous rounds and an interview was scheduled to me on DD.MM.YYYY at 3 pm. They told me that the interview can last up to 1 hour depending on various conditions.

The interview lasted for about 40 to 45 minutes they asked about 20 questions.

Some of the questions are enlisted below :

1.Introduce Yourself

Good Morning sir/mem.
It’s my pleasure to introduce Myself in front of you,
I am abcd defghtj from Gaziabad UP, I am an innovative Technical engineer with 1 years and 5 months of work experience. I have a lot of knowledge of implementing and troubleshooting any computer-related issue and also implementing connectivity solution for small, medium, and enterprises customer with a team.

I am a juniper network certified associate and currently pursuing networking courses like CCNA and CCNP.

I have completed My degree Bachelors of engineering in the stream of Electronics and communication engineering in 2018 with a 7.8 CGPA from RGPV University, Bhopal. Prior to this I have completed my 12th with 88% and completed my 10th with 85% from MPBSE, Bhopal.

My strength is self-motivation, I have a passion to accomplish My work. I am also tech-savvy, I always believe in results-oriented works.
My weakness is that I feel uncomfortable until finish my work.
My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours.
My long-term goal is to achieve a respectable position in that organization.
That’s all about me.

2. Tell me about your projects

I have build up a Music Recommendation System that helps people connect to their taste of music more, and improve the recommendation system and keep the content more engaging.

3. Which technology you used in your project and why

I have used Php, and MySQL

4. How you planned that you have to make this projects.

My mentor and all the members along with me had discussed and selected this project. We all are fond of music so we want to do a project on it.

5. Which subject you dislike the most in btech and why and how you prepared for that example

I dislike most those the theoritical papers like EVS. I know about environment and followed some important points based on that I managed this paper. 

6. Did you face any difficulty in your projects

Before starting the project I did not know how to use session concept. Then I searched on internet and found some articles and videos that helped me.

7. Did you face any difficulty with your team members

As the whole project was completed during lock down, then we were dependent on google meet to share and discuss. Initially we faced trouble but after few days We were used to.

8. How do you select your project title and why

The target of our project was to recommend musics to the listeners. So from that aspects I named it Music recommendation system.

9. Tell about any situation that you faced problem and solved.

During lockdown my father lost job and we started facing difficulties. Then I started to find some tutions to support my family. And luckily I got some school students of class 9 and 10. At that moment that clicked initially for my family.

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