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Data Structure and Algorithm

Miscellaneous Problem | Swayamvar Ceremony |

Previous Question A ceremony where a Bride chooses her Groom from an array of eligible bachelors is called Swayamvar. But this is a Swayamvar with difference. An array of Bride-to-be will choose from an array of Groom-to-be. The arrangement at this Swayamvar is as follows • Brides-to-be are organized such that the most eligible bachelorette …

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Miscellaneous Problem | Sequence of Distinct Numbers |

Previous Question Given a sequence of distinct numbers a1,a2,a3……, an inversion occurs if there are indices iaj For example in the sequence 2 1 4 3 there are 2 inversions (2 1) and (4 3) The input will be main sequence of N positive integers. From this sequence, a derived sequence Will be obtained using …

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Miscellaneous Problem | Dr. Vishnu’s Hospital |

Previous Question Dr. Vishnu is opening a new world class hospital in a small town designed to be the first preference of the patients in the city. Hospital has N rooms of two types – with TV and without TV, with daily rates of R1 and R2 respectively. However, from his experience Dr. Vishnu knows …

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Miscellaneous Problem | System Administrator |

Previous Question Suppose You are a System Administrator. You have access to unlimited no. of servers with same amount of CPU (#of cores) & Memory (GB). On these servers, you have to pack number of applications X , deployed as VMs such that the total cost of ownership without affecting the application performance, is the …

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