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Elite National Talent Hunt 2021 (NTH) is a fresher’s hiring initiative to attract the best of 2021 engineering talent across the country. The objective of this initiative is to enable an equal opportunity for employment to the most deserving talent from Computer Science, Information Technology & Circuital Engineering streams in India.

Date of Interview:

23rd March 2021

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Introduce Myself

Good Morning Sir.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity for introducing myself. My name is Titas Adhikary. I am from Konnagar. I am pursuing B-tech in Computer Science Engineering from Academy Of Technology, Adisaptagram. My hobby is Acting, I am a active member of Drama group In our area. I am belongs to joint family, my father is a service man and my mother is a home-maker.

Thank You sir.

Classification of Data types and Examples in C

Basically there are 3 types of data types in C

  • Primary or fundamental data type

  • Derived datatypes (ex: array’s)

  • User defined datatypes (ex: structure, union, enum)

In case of primary datatypes, There are basically 3 types

  • integer type

  • floating point type

  • void

In case of integer type, there are two parts

  • integer

  • character

And in case of character there is only one part that is Char.

In case of integer there are two parts

  • signed

  • unsigned

In case of signed integer there are 3 parts

  •  int 

  • short int

  • long int

And in case of unsigned integer there are 3 parts

  • int 

  • short int 

  • long int

In case of floating point type, there basically 3 parts

  • float

  • double

  • long double

Features of oops

  • Classes

  • Objects

  • Data abstraction

  • Encapsulation

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

What is encapsulation?

Encapsulation means wrapping the code and data in a single unit.

What is data structure?

Data structure is a perfect way of organising data so that it can be used by user effectively.

What is data base?

Data base is a collection of related data in a organized manner.

What is primary key?

Primary key is one of the candidate keys which helps to identify the row uniquely. It must not be NULL and it must be unique.

What is foreign key?

Foreign key is an attribute of one table that acts as primary key of another table.

What is the difference between primary key and foreign key?

Primary key basically identifies a row uniquely and it must not be NULL And in case of foreign key, it helps to maintain the relationship of two tables. Basically foreign key acts as primary key of another table.

What is os?

Os is a program that manages computer hardware. It also provides a basis of application Programs and acts as an intermediatory between computer user and computer hardware.

Which subject you don’t like and why?

I don’t like physics and also chemistry because the concepts of each part in physics and Reactions in each part in chemistry makes me mad and I don’t understand these two Subjects. I tried a lot but I failed to understand.

What is your extra curricular activities?

I love acting and this is my extra curricular activity as well as this my hobby also. In 2018 our drama group performed a drama in sahebganj and that is my 1st program Outside my state and I performed in many dramas in our area.

What did you learn in B-tech?

From B-tech the main thing I learnt i.e how to maintain good relation with all types of person in college. And 2nd thing I noticed that in maximum case the friends you make in 1st semester will not be with you after 1st year.

Problem faced during group assignments and it’s solution

Basically to solve group assignments ,group have to be very supportive and helpful I have got such a helpful group that’s why I have not faced any trouble during group Assignments but sometime when group members are busy then in that moment I did my work alone this thing helps me to prepare myself to do work or complete assignments alone.

Bond, year gap, backlog

I have no year gap and I have no backlog till now.


My hobby is Acting, I am a active member of Drama group in our area.

Any questions for me?

Sir my question is if I will get chance in your company then what will have to learn? In which topics I have to give too much focus?

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