DeltaX Campus Hiring 2020

DeltaX is the pioneering cross-channel digital advertising platform. The company helps ad agencies and performance marketers buy, track, attribute, optimize and report media across Search, Social, Display, Mobile and Video ads more efficiently by taking a unified data and automation driven approach.

What is our process for campus hiring?

Round 1: Technical online
MCQ Test (covering Programming, Data Structures, Networking, Micro-processors)
Round 2: Online Coding Test
Students can attempt it in a programming language of their choice. Only serious coders will qualify.
Round 3: Technical Interview
Technical Interview in person or remote.

What would my role be when recruited as an Associate Product Engineer?

Our Product Engineer role is that of a full-stack developer. This entails a good level of exposure to frontend, database, backend and background services.
For campus hires who have a provision of doing an internship we have a very strong on-boarding program which begins in Jan and ends in May. During this period you will be exposed to varied technologies that are part of the DeltaX platform and work on live modules. At the same time, you will be paired with a mentor to work closely with you and guide you in your journey.

What is our philosophy for plagiarism during the coding test?

We take plagiarism very seriously on our side. Apart from automated bot checks we also do selective manual checks to ensure we don’t disqualify deserving students. We generally disqualify selective students in case of plagiarism. If we find the threshold of cases beyond our internal benchmark we don’t hesitate to disqualify the entire college.
At the end of the day – we consider it to be a collective responsibility of the students and the college to ensure the tests are conducted fairly.

Any tips for prospective students?

Our process is aligned to focus on logical clarity, data structures and OOPs.
Here are some subjects you should definitely brush up on before our tests:
Programming (language of your choice)
Data Structures
Operating Systems
If you have worked on interesting projects then it is a definite plus during the Technical Interview.

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