CTS Interview Experience

Hello, Myself Nilesh Sarkar from Kolkata. I am from CSE department. My Interview was 3days before on CTS for CTS GENC portal. At the begining they aked me to upload my documents on their portal. Then they aked me to solve 2 aptitude questions. 1 from percentage and the other question was from profit loss. I was able to solve one of those two.
Then they started to ask me on technical field. I said C is my favorite programming language. The questions from C was as follows.
1. What is pointer?
2. What is an array to pointer?
3. What is void pointer?
4. What is difference between malloc() and calloc()?
5. What is the difference between static and extern?
6. What is structure?
7. Program : Swap two variables using bit wise operator.
8. Replace second word of a sentence by its reversed word.
How are you?
How era you?

C++ was mentioned in my CV. The following questions are asked
1. Class, object
2. Types of inheritance
3. Empty class
4. Virtual class
5. Friend Function
6. Operator overloading
7. Abstract Class
8. Pure Virtual Function

From Python they asked me two basic questions:
1. Difference between List and Tuple
2. Prime number program in python

I answered almost 90% positive.
Then HR started to ask me.
1. Why CTS?
2. Will you join govt job if you get?
3. Why will I hire you?
4. What is your weakness?
5. Suppose, you have won a lottery of 5crores today, will you again work for my company?
6. Have you any problem to realocate?
7. Have you any question?

That’s it.

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