Verbal Ability

Question 1:

Mark the option best suited to replace the underlined portion of the sentence given below

I am tired as I am running since morning
A) I was running
B) I had been running
C) I will be running
D) I have been running

Answer : B) I had been running

Question: 2

The sentence given below forms a coherent passage when arranged logically choose the option with the correct given sentence

a) A short man appearing as a long with the stick in his hand
b) And having butterfly shaved mustaches
c) In a survey conducted
d) Was chosen as the greatest of actors of all time


Answer : B) ABCD

Question: 3

A sentence is broken into the following parts marked the options containing the correct sequences of these parts to get the complete sentence

1. And taking an Air India flight
2. The men interacted with several people
3. After visiting Italy
4. Out of Vienna to return to Delhi

A) 2314
B) 2134
C) 3241
D) 3142

Answer : A) 2314

Question: 4

Read the sentence given below and decide whether it is a fact or interference or judgment

The country also has biomedical waste management rules for the safe and scientific disposal of biomedical waste
1) Fact
2) Judgement
3) Inference

Answer : 1) Fact

Question: 5

Replace the underlined word to form a meaningful statement

First I ate dinner
than I slept

A) When
B) While
C) Then
D) Since

Answer : C) Then

Question: 6

Which part of the sentence below has an error in it?

When water supply is normal,/ we can’t care/ about the importance of water
A) When water supply is normal
B) No error
C) About the importance of water
D) We can’t care

Answer : D) We can’t care

Question: 7

Read the statement below to decide whether it is a fact, inference or judgment

The painting made by John Nelson during the war is one of the most beautiful paintings in the world.
A) Fact
B) Judgment
C) Inference

Answer : B) Judgment

Question: 8

Mark the option best suites for the underlined portion of the sentence given below

The teacher suggested that we ought to be punctul, isn’t?
A) Shouldn’t we
B) Aren’t we
C) None
D) Is it

Answer : A) Shouldn’t we

Question: 9


XYZ is said to be one of the most ____1____ and open countries in the world and its constitution is a ____2____ to this very fact. Recently in many countries, democratic governments in the course of conducting a major review of their national constitutions ____3____ to curtail, if not abolish the death penalty.

Mark the best option for blank 1-
A) Sensitive
B) Liberal
C) Flamboyant
D) Orthodox

Liberal- willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas

Orthodox- accepted rules or beliefs
Flamboyant- bright, glossy

Answer : B) Liberal

Mark the best option for blank 2-
A) Evidence
B) Witness
C) Testimony
D) Declaration

Testimony- a formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law.
Witness- a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place

Answer : C) Testimony

Mark the best option for blank 3-
A) Have decided
B) Could have decided
C) Are deciding
D) Have been decided

Answer: A) Have decided

Question: 10

Choose the option which is synonymous with the meaning of the word: Angry
A) Furious
B) Pleased
C) Precipitous
D) Hasty

Answer : A) Furious

Explanation: Angry means feeling or showing strong annoyance, displeasure, or hostility

Question: 11

Choose the option which is synonymous with the meaning of the word:
A) Ordinary
B) Unusual
C) Correct
D) compassion

Answer: B) Unusual

Explanation: Offbeat means unconventional or which is not ordinary.

Question: 12

Choose the correct preposition and fill in the blanks:

The father said to his child, “You must be back ____ eight o’clock.”
A) in
B) on
C) by
D) to

Answer : C) by

Explanation: Preposition ‘by’ is used to denote: not later than the time mentioned / before.

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