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About TCS

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India with its largest campus located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. As of February 2021, TCS is the largest IT services company in the world by market capitalisation.

Interview Experience

Round 1

1. They said let’s go directly to technical

Round 2 (TR)

2. Asked me what programming languages I know, projects and technologies.
3. I said I’m good at c and java.i know basic csharp and only few basics of c++ as I studied it 3
4. And I know MySQL.
5. They said they’ll ask questions on c++.
6. Asked to predict output of few c++ programs, and asked difference between void static
and public.
7. Questions on c# , how constructor will be declared.
8. And 1 more question that I don’t remember.
9. Asked about Stored procedure in project.and 3 more questions on stored procedure.
10. Group by, different types of joins
11. Drop delete truncate
12. Wild cards in SQL

Round 3 (MR)

1. How I manage exams and internals.
2. Any recent or any past challenges that occurred in life.

Round HR

1. Asked about my interpersonal skills (from resume)
2. And how I handle.
3. Asked if I’m okay with night shifts and and changing of locations, how flexible I am.
4. If I had backlogs or any offers.

At the end of the interview HR told me that I am selected.

This is all about my experience.

Thank you everyone and also CodeWindow for their support.

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