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Interview Experience

Hi, I am Monika Das, I am from the ECE Department of AOT. I opted for the Off-Campus placement of Revature and was interviewed in May, 2021.


I am done with revature technical interview.

Mine was scheduled at 11:15 am on 30 may

My host joined at 11:20 am and it was like rapid fire round and it lasted about 10-15 min.she asked me the following questions:

Round 1
Screener Round
Apti+Coding+Technical question

Per Question 30sec

C&T Difficulty Level: Medium

Round 2

Most asking region?

  • Coding

  • Array

  • Linked List

It is not an elimination round.

After this round, they called me for a virtual interview for 15minutes. there was one interviewer who was present. The interviewer was really friendly. My interview process went smoothly.

Round 3

  • Are u familiar with data structures

  • Some questions on queues, stacks, linkedlists and arrays..

  • Familiar with html, css or java script..

  • I said html and css

  • Variations in css

  • Difference between bgcolor and color

  • Linking style sheet

  • Oops concepts in java

  • Types of arrays

  • Example of multidimensional array

  • Sql queries-types-dml, ddl, tcl, dcl….

  • What is rdbms

  • Inserting data into table

  • Do you know python?

  • Any questions for me?

Coding Difficulty Level: MEDIUM

Round 4

Introduce yourself
Why Revature?
What is your hobby?
Tell me about the project.

They expect just brief explanations.. And confidence

When my result was out, I checked that I got a Software Developer Role.

Thank you everyone and also CodeWindow for their support.

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