Pattern Week


  2. Read the Question very carefully in the 1st chance.
  3. Look at the Input and Output Format of the program.
  4. Look at the constraints of the program.
  5. Choose your programming language.
  6. Set the conditions.
  7. Start Coding.
  8. Check Public test cases are passed or not?
  9. Then check Private test cases are passed or not?


Digit Access

Problem 1

KK Concert

In this upcoming year, Pratik wants to see the live concert of KK organized by Bangabasi College. But as he is not from that college he has to buy the ticket for the concert.

After one month Pratik gets an information, he will get a discount on the cost price of the ticket as someone from that college able to manage it. The rules of discount is summation of all the digits of the ticket will be divided by 100 and remainder will be the discount percentage. Suppose C is the total cost of the ticket, N is the number of the ticket then what will be the cost of the ticket?






Problem 2

Fisherman Problem

A fisherman catches fishes every day. He catches fishes as the number of day in every day. How many fishes will he catches a total after n days?