Interview Experience in Wipro NLTH

Elite National Talent Hunt 2021 (NTH) is a fresher’s hiring initiative to attract the best of 2021 engineering talent across the country. The objective of this initiative is to enable an equal opportunity for employment to the most deserving talent from Computer Science, Information Technology & Circuital Engineering streams in India.

Date of Interview:

23rd March 2021

Mode Of Interview:


Location of Candidate:


Interview Status:


Introduce Myself

Good Morning Sir.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity for introducing myself. My name is Titas Adhikary. I am from Konnagar. I am pursuing B-tech in Computer Science Engineering from Academy Of Technology, Adisaptagram. My hobby is Acting, I am a active member of Drama group In our area. I am belongs to joint family, my father is a service man and my mother is a home-maker.

Thank You sir.

Classification of Data types and Examples in C

Basically there are 3 types of data types in C

  • Primary or fundamental data type

  • Derived datatypes (ex: array’s)

  • User defined datatypes (ex: structure, union, enum)

In case of primary datatypes, There are basically 3 types

  • integer type

  • floating point type

  • void

In case of integer type, there are two parts

  • integer

  • character

And in case of character there is only one part that is Char.

In case of integer there are two parts

  • signed

  • unsigned

In case of signed integer there are 3 parts

  •  int 

  • short int

  • long int

And in case of unsigned integer there are 3 parts

  • int 

  • short int 

  • long int

In case of floating point type, there basically 3 parts

  • float

  • double

  • long double

Features of oops

  • Classes

  • Objects

  • Data abstraction

  • Encapsulation

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

What is encapsulation?

Encapsulation means wrapping the code and data in a single unit.

What is data structure?

Data structure is a perfect way of organising data so that it can be used by user effectively.

What is data base?

Data base is a collection of related data in a organized manner.