HR Interview Question Answer

Why should I hire you?​

I am a very flexible kind of person and feel very comfortable in the team as a contributing member. I am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid education knowledge will provide your organization a productive employee upon completion of your development training.

Market yourself or tell me about yourself?

Good morning sir,

I’m XYZ. I am pursuing my final year in computer science engineering at XYZ engineering college. I maintain a C. G. P of 8. 9 percent. I  completed my schooling in XYZ with 95 percent in 12th and 93 in  10th. I always believe in hard work and I go with the words of  Edison, “genius is just one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”, I’m very dedicated to my work, I can adapt easily to any kind of environment and that’s where my strengths stand.

I like to be creative; My hobbies are Listening to Music, Playing Cricket.

My short-term goal is to join a Software company as a programmer.  My long-term goal is to become a project lead within 5 years. Also, add details about your family.

Mention your strong points or strengths.

Adapting to the new atmosphere and grasp things at a great pace
Positive attitude, workaholic, and flexible person
I always believe in time management and believe in making things happen.
Above all my greatest strength is self-confidence. I also have qualities of enthusiasm, persistence, punctuality.

What are the changes you can bring into our company?

I am industrious, innovative, and willing to adapt to changes in work. I get along well with people and can promote good team play, which will lead to a good working environment.

Why do you want to work at our company?

Sir, I have learned much about the best practices  followed at the company. seniors from our college have told me about the company, the best of the training, state-of-the-art infrastructure and the company has the best environment to work and it’s a better platform where my ideas are recognized and encouraged.

Tips: If you are not nervous in the panel, you have done 90% there.

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Can you work night shifts and weekends?

Sir, I know how important for a company it is to complete work on time before the announced deadlines. If it is necessary to work at night and on weekends then I will work without giving any second thought. My strength is to be flexible working with any shift timings.

What is the difference between  confidence and over confidence  (give an example)?

Confidence is an inner strength that can make you achieve anything you really desire to achieve whereas overconfidence is something that turns this inner strength into weakness since excess of anything is bad.

Are you willing to relocate or travel?

Sir Yes, I’m very much willing to travel or relocate  as it provides me the opportunity to work in a new  environment where i can meet with people coming  from different culture and learn new ideas /  techniques that can enhance my career goal within  the organization.

To have a very long and successful career with the  same organization it’s necessary/imperative to  understand the work culture and functions of the  organization in different locations

Give me an example of your creativity and innovativeness?

Sir, I have a creative imagination, whenever anyone describes a situation, place, or a person I built an image of it in my mind, this helps me to recall and understand things well, also mentions some of the innovative ideas you are going to enforce in your project.

How long will you work for this organization?

Sir,I am here because I want to be a part of your  esteemed organization and want to grow with  this organization by contributing my skills. “ I  will work for the organization as long as I can  meet the requirements of the organization”

How long will you work for this organization?

Sir, I would like to gain more knowledge to serve the best for the organization but at present would like to earn practical experience. If I need to do further studies for the sake of the company, I am also ready for that.

Why do you say that you will not do higher studies now?

Sir, all these long years I have acquired a lot of theoretical knowledge and I believe that it’s the right time to make those knowledge counts by

earning practical experience from your esteemed organization. And I also believe that my higher studies will have a lot of integral values with the experience that I am going to acquire at the workplace.

Why do you say that you will not do higher studies now?

Sir, I’m expecting the salary according to the company’s norms, designation, and industry standards.

Can you lead a team on your own as a fresher?  How and what are strategies would you enforce to run an effective team?

Sir, gladly I would be interested to run a team as a  fresher. As a leader, I would know the strengths of each team member and get the best out of them.  Initially, I would call them to inform the nature of the job assigned and the deadline would be set for the entire project. I would be constantly monitoring and with motivation from all ends, I  believe things will happen.

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