Experience 5

TCS interview Experience (15/sept)

Q:Tell me about yourself
A: Project

Q:- Why Do you want to join TCS
A:- Work Culture
Balance between Work and Personal life (🤕 Roasted me every 15 min for this in whole interview)
Cross Questions

Q:- SQL:- Function Vs Stored Procedure (Mentioned in resume)
A: Somewhat answered

Q:-Tell me about technologied you worked with
A:- Machine Learning
Web Development (Django)

Never asked a piece for machine learning anywhere after it

Q:- tell me about django
A:- Answered

Q:- dynamic web pages in Django
A:- Answered

Q:- HTML5 Questions
A:- only done backend 😅

Q:- Queue/Stack And real life applications
A:- Answered :- Dequeue for browser history, process scheduler

Q:- Function of stack
A:- answered

Q:- Again back to Queue by another interviewet
A:- Answer with application again 🙃


Q:- Explain about all 3 of my Projects
A:- Explained deeply of one and asked to skip the rest

Q:- Explain ER Diagram and why we use it
A:- Answered

Q:- C++/Java
A:- Answered C++

Q:- Explain Inheritance with real life applications
A:- Answered

Q:- Case Study for automobile company with inheritance
A:- explained the abstract class concept with inheritance

~Several Cases in cross questions

Q:- How to access static variable ?
A:- Answered
Cross Question:- when within same class member Function
A:- answered using “this” keyword in case of ambiguity

Several other related to oops with dynamic binding

|Asked to verify the documents|

Mentioned movie as hobby in first question
Q: Latest movie you watched and you were inspired by it

—- Over ——
Duration :- Almost 1 Hr

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I am Satyaki Das and Now I am going to share you my experience in TCS Codevita Interview process in details. My rank was 848 and they interviewed me for sharp 50mins.

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