Experience 3

I’m done with my TCS codevita interview
•They started with tell me about yourself.
•And then asked to explain the projects. In that they asked various questions like.. How do you implement your project in Agriculture Field. What is GSM and which generation it belongs to and network elements in it and what are different antennas you used and different modulation techniques you used. What is SIM and tell me how many digits it contains.
•And then, What is a counter. Explain difference between Asynchronous and synchronous counter.. And then they asked about transistor and difference between pnp and npn. What is Amplifier and its Types.
•And then, They shared their screen and asked to debug the code (about 10 questions asked).

And then, Can You implement the Anyone of Sorting Technique. (I said Bubble sort. But they said why you are interested to do bubble sort only. There are many other techniques are there no). They asked me to implement Bubble sort in notepad and explain it.
•And then, Why you want to join in TCS..
•At last do you have any questions for me to ask….That’s it(About 1 hour it took to complete my Interview)

Top Experience

I am Satyaki Das and Now I am going to share you my experience in TCS Codevita Interview process in details. My rank was 848 and they interviewed me for sharp 50mins.

Interview Experience

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