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Student Graph

Answer : 1650

In a batch of 400 Students

Answer : 77%

The number of absentees in class 9

Answer: 115

What is the area of the isosceles right-angled triangle?

Answer: Statement II alone is sufficient….

The physical training teacher should run behind each student….

Answer: Only II is implicit.

The proportion of expenditure on sports

Answer: 0.009 billion

Proportion of Candidates Enrolled

Answer: 6660

The frequency polygon shows

Answer: 70%

The following table shows how a student spends his pocket……..

Answer: Rs 150

UPSC Examination

Answer: Only argument I is strong

All A’s are lazy. Some A’s are not……….

Answer: Only conclusion II follows.

The following table shows the number of people visiting six different malls and the percentage of Men, women……..

Answer: 26368.25

Find the wrong (69,57,38,27,…)

Answer: 57

The total age of X, Y and Z five….

Answer: 22

A school has 4 sections….

Answer: 422

In a certain coding language, if SENSIBLE…..


Which two numbers should be interchanges to make the below equation…..

Answer: 17 and 12


Answer: 250

Out of the given options, there are similar in a certain…..

Answer: 4913

Which two signs should be interchanged…..

Answer: / and –

BFBI is coded as “3718”. …

Answer: 6827


Answer: I:K:M

The second wave of covid19 was…

Answer: Neither I nor II is true.


Answer: x>y

If LAST is coded as 13 and ….

Answer: 10


Answer: F

Find the missing, 15,17, 23,22,31,….

Answer: 27

In a coding system, RENT is coded as 1961521…..

Answer: 4921019

if shirt means shoe….

Answer: Cabin

If MESSENGER is coded as 126….

Answer: 52261161610

What is the value of x?

Answer: Both statements I and II together are not sufficient to answer the question.


Answer: 258


Answer: Nile


Answer: N53L



4 of (X+3)-1>….

Answer: x<8

In a certain code, ‘#@’ means ‘rock man real’ …

Answer: ?

D1W, F4U,…

Answer: M16N


Answer: MPN:NKM

How many times will “*” be displayed?

Answer: 16


Answer: false

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