TCS CodeVita is a coding Competition organized by Tata Consultancy Services. There are 3 Rounds. 1. Pre-Qualifier Rounds, 2. Qualifier Rounds, 3. Grand Finale.  Every year near about 220k+ students register for TCS CodeVita Coding Competition all over the world. In general, TCS Codevita provides you two way out. One for competing in 3 coding rounds and another is to get the chance for direct interview call based on your performance in TCS Codevita Round 1. 

      If you can successfully code then you may be called for Direct Interview in TCS.   In the year 2020 after 1st round among 220K+ students,  only 16299 students got rank. Among them many one was not final year student, so they did not get the call for direct interview. The rest of students based on their resume uploaded in the TCS Next Portal, they got the interview call. 

Dates of 1st Round(Pre-Qualifier)


Dear Participant,

As you gear up for the contest, please follow the below points in order to optimize time and have a smooth start. You will have 6 hours to complete all the problems given to you. Your 6 hours start the moment you click on the Start Contest button after you login to on the day of the contest.

In order to get your full quota of 6 hours, ensure that you login to the contest at least before the contest ends. If you login with less than 6 hours remaining for the overall contest, you will only have lesser of the two time periods.


  1. Submit solutions to the questions in as many supported languages(C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and PHP) as you can. This will ensure that your local compilers / interpreters are compatible with those on CodeVita Server.
  2. If you are going to be using shared infrastructure like college Lab, ensure that is accessible from your target environment.
  3. Site has been tested in Chrome and FireFox browsers. Ensure you are using a compatible browser.
  4. Ensure that your browser supports JavaScript. Site will not work properly if your browser has JavaScript blocked.
  5. Bookmark the site for quick access later on.
  6. Go through FAQs on before you begin your contest.
  7. Appear in MockVitas that are conducted prior to the contest.
  8. Last but not the least, Plagiarism will have very serious consequences, we have a team dedicated to check plagiarism, so refrain from copying codes. Be honest, enjoy the contest & All the Very Best.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Coders who are completing their academic course in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 alone are eligible for this contest.
  • Coders from institutes across the globe are eligible for this contest.
  • Registrations are invited from students in undergraduate/diploma/postgraduate disciplines from engineering/science background with any specialization with a passion for coding.

Top Experience

I am Satyaki Das and Now I am going to share you my experience in TCS Codevita Interview process in details. My rank was 848 and they interviewed me for sharp 50mins.

Interview Experience

Ranked 1300+

I got a mail for direct interview just 2 days before the interview. Interview is being conducted on their own Video Conferencing platform which is a little slow, so I advise all of you to join the meeting 15-20 minutes in advance. And make sure you have a very good internet connection.

Ranked 2000+

I am a Master Student now pursuing MCA from Techno Main Salt Lake. I ranked 2000+. I have a little bit knowledge in Python, Java. I focused on mainly C, C++, DBMS. I will go to share my own experience.

Ranked 2900+

Today I am going to share my experience in the interview process of TCS CodeVita 2020 dated on 13th September.

Ranked 4000+

My rank was in between 4000-4100. I got my interview call on 14th September, 2020. I faced a lengthy interview process. 

Ranked 4400+

They asked me almost everything 😅😅, and it took near about 1hr. It was scheduled on 15th September, 2020. I received mail 1 day before.

Codevita questions

2020 TCS CODEVITA 20 Questions