Accenture Interview Experience

Ananya Sinha shared her Accenture interview experience with Myself Ananya Sinha from IT background. My accenture interview was in the month of October.

What is your project topic?
Is there any uniqueness in your project?
Can I get your project on Google?
What is your target in next 3years?
Have you face any difficulties in your life?
How you overcome it?
Why you choose accenture?
Can you say about our clients?

They asked on networking. Basically TCP/IP and also asked about http and https and SMTP. Asked on C Structure, union and also class, inheritance, encapsulation from C++. Grbage collection and Applet life cycle from JAVA.

Overall it took 40 mins to complete.
HR asked me few questions again and also verfied my accademic marks and lastly asked if I have any problems to reallocate or not?

Thank you.

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